For several months, laboratory tests were conducted, as well as bench and road tests. The result of all the tests was the approval of the AZMOL Famula LD 10W-40 engine oil for use on engines manufactured by Volvo Group Trucks, namely: Volvo (VDS-3), Renault VI (RLD-2) and Mack (EO-N).

Approval of the use of one of the leaders in the automotive industry in engines is a real success. But the company went for a long time to this. Leading specialists at AZMOL BP have developed a semi-synthetic engine oil of very high performance with an extended drain interval. At the same time, the product has excellent lubricating characteristics and a stable oil film.

Obtaining approval from the world-famous Swedish automaker once again confirms the quality of the products. This proves that AZMOL BP engine oils successfully compete with foreign counterparts and are in the premium segment, which allows us constantly expand the geography of deliveries.