AZMOL Soft Cleaner HD

AZMOL Soft Cleaner HD is an active foam for professional non-contact cleaning. It is a concentrated detergent based on high-performance surfactants of the latest generation.

Designed for professional washing of the body of cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers. Forms a long-lasting foam and rinses off easily. Combines strong detergency and safety of use. Easily removes insect and stubborn road dirt without mechanical influence.

The product is safe for paint and varnish surfaces, plastics and rubber. Suitable for all pressure washers.

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  • forms abundant active foam, which is easily washed off with water, leaving no marks and streaks;
  • effectively removes road dust, dirt, traces of insects, does not require mechanical impact on particularly dirty surfaces;
  • observing the application technology, it does not adversely affect aluminum, rubber and chrome parts;
  • allows you to get a good result in a relatively short time period.