11:42 | 15.03.2019

The only atomic spectrograph in Ukraine for the analysis of lubricants will be installed at new laboratory of Azmol British Petrochemicals.

AZMOL British Petrochemicals in 2019 initiated foundation of a British-Ukrainian laboratory with advanced technical capabilities for the analysis of oils and lubricants for Ukrainian enterprises, CIS countries and Europe. As part of this project, an atomic spectrograph has already been purchased to analyze the composition of lubricants, which has no analogues in Ukraine. The atomic spectrograph Varian Vista Pro RL is the world's fastest ICP.

Prompt and error-free analysis of the substance will allow for the most efficient control of product quality at each production stage, analysis during the testing of oils and lubricants, and monitoring of incoming raw materials. VistaChip redefines the concept of speed in atomic spectroscopy with read speeds that are 80 times higher than other devices - you can measure 73 elements in less than 35 seconds.

Co-founder of Azmol, Mr. Terry Dicken, founder of Global Lubricants and president of the European Institute of Lubricants ELGI, argues that the quality of the oils produced depends only on the raw material base and on the correct oil production process. It should be noted that Mr. Mike Volante, the head of the British laboratory Oil Check Laboratory Services Ltd (OCLS), participates in the project of organizing the new laboratory Azmol, will carry out the selection of the necessary equipment and in further support of the project.

The new laboratory Azmol will be a unit completely independent from production, which will allow for more flexible monitoring of the final product and production stages. The capacity of the Azmol laboratory equipment will be in demand for external needs of Ukrainian and European manufacturers. As of today, the national manufacturer has been forced to produce many laboratory tests in foreign laboratories, which adversely affects the time and, therefore, the dynamics of production processes and product sales. For AZMOL British Petrochemicals, the laboratory will carry out control of incoming raw materials, operational control at all stages of production, analysis of the quality of finished products for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents. ASTM, DIN methods are approved for the basis of the methodology for carrying out physicochemical analyzes according to European standards. The priority vector for the development of new Azmol laboratory will be the maximum coverage of modern methods for analyzing oils, state accreditation, development of a method for analyzing lubricants with subsequent certification of these methods in Ukraine. In this regard, it is planned to cooperate with laboratories, enterprises in the production and operation of lubricants, advisory practice on the use of oils, analysis of oils during operation. In addition, cooperation with laboratories of enterprises such as Infeneum, Basf, Chevron, NYNAS, Neste.