Azmol visited by Georgian delegation

18:34 | 21.11.2019

       With ever-increasing frequency, foreign delegations attendance Azmol on a working visit. On 20th November 2019, the company was visited by potential partners from Georgia. The guests were given a tour during which they get acquainted with Azmol British Petrochemicals Company, its manufacturing and product range.

The interest of international partners in the Azmol company is determined by the successful entry of the enterprise to the international level. The effectiveness of Azmol was evaluated in more than ten countries, and the conformity of product quality to international standards has been proven by dozens of expert evaluations.
“The awareness of Azmol is quite high. This is a colossal enterprise and, hopefully, our future partner. This is my first time here and the impression is positive” said Zurab Gvanadze, representative of the distribution company from Georgia.

During the tour, guests were acquainted with the rich history of Azmol and industrial sites were shown. Guests also saw the Azmol Alley of Renaissance, Development and Friendship, on which, according to tradition, the new partners of Azmol British Petrochemicals plant trees as a symbol of fruitful cooperation.

In order to personally verify the quality of packaging, international representatives were invited to familiarize themselves with the facilities of the enterprise, the production process, including the filling and packaging workshops. The highlight of the meeting was a visit to the "heart" of the Azmol plant - the laboratory. It is there the quality control of oil passes at all stages of production. Thanks to the latest equipment and continuous research, Azmol British Petrochemicals is a leader in oil quality.

“Today, an atomic spectrograph is operating in our laboratory. The thing is unique for Ukraine, there are no analogs in our country with such equipment” shared Vladimir Pivovarov, the Chief Technologist at Azmol BP.

This novelty was purchased as part of the modernization of the laboratory of the enterprise. The device helps correctly build the oil production system, because in a matter of seconds it calculates 73 chemical elements and helps the laboratory control the quality of the product as accurately as possible.

“What I saw in the factory exceeded my expectations. I realized that this is a company with traditions. We will be happy to bring the Azmol flag to the East, if such an opportunity is given” said one of the representatives of the delegation.

To acquaint potential partners with the life of the enterprise is the standard practice of the Azmol company:

“Production, laboratory, packaging, filling - we are proud of the quality and level of professionalism of our company at every stage. Therefore, we are always happy to demonstrate our capabilities. When guests see how developed our production is, it becomes a key moment in signing partnership agreements” added Vladimir Pivovarov, the Chief Technologist at Azmol BP.