AZMOL BP’s conference in Azerbaijan and Georgia

17:00 | 22.12.2018

At the end of the year, the AZMOL BP Innovative Lubricants Conference was held for partners and potential consumers of lubricants from Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The product range includes more than 200 items, these are oils for automobiles, motorcycles, transmission oils, industrial oils and greases, and fully meets all the needs of the consumer.

Motor oils are one of the key topics of the conference.

AZMOL BP products received approval from DAIMLER concern for Mercedes-Benz engines. Raw materials for our products are purchased from leading suppliers and manufacturers, such as Nynas, Chevron, Neste Oil, Infineum. The most modern European equipment is installed at the plant and in the laboratory.

Our goal is to provide consumers with a quality that is not only equal, but also superior to that of world leaders.

During the conference, TM representatives present the following advantages:

  • presentation of the main physicochemical parameters of motor oils;
  • discussion about the difficulties and mistakes that arise in the process of working with engine oils;
  • presented the European brand of lubricants AZMOL;
  • conducted an analysis of supply and demand for petrochemical products in the region and its export potential;
  • conference participants learned about the AZMOL brand of lubricants, were able to ask all their questions regarding the production of oils and lubricants, technologies and main characteristics, received information about the development of the brand, its main advantages.

AZMOL is a European brand that meets the best quality indicators.

The interactive format of the round tables allowed to communicate directly with future partners. The discussion-dialogue between the manufacturer of lubricants and key oil consumers took place in the discussion of industrial testing, diagnostics of oils and lubricants during operation, and systems for handling oils and lubricants during maintenance.

Conference guests noted that holding such an event demonstrates the implementation of technical support from the manufacturer. All conference participants were satisfied, acquired new knowledge and received answers to questions.

The plans of AZMOL continue the expansion of the geography of presence.