Hydrosila Tethys – a major manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders chooses Azmol Cuttana-SM coolant for their equipment.

14:32 | 17.04.2019

Since 2017, Hydrosila Tethys has been using European-level cutting fluid Azmol Cuttana-SM for stable production.

The cooperation of Hydrosila Tethys LLC with AZMOL British Petrochemicals has been going on for several years. The Melitopol manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders was first used in the production of Azmol Cuttana-SM coolant in 2017.

The engineers at Hydrosila Tethys provided a detailed description of the product Azmol Cuttana-SM, which was compiled after several years of use, in order to describe in detail the lubricant and its technical properties. The main positive indicators in working with this coolant are high quality of the surface being treated, no overheating at the processing sites, high stability in operation, no harmful chemical effects on the user, and lower costs compared to foreign analogues. Besides emulsol coolant Azmol Cuttana-SM does not cause the destruction of paint coatings equipment, rubber and plastic equipment parts.

Coolant working solution prepared from 1:20 Azmol Cuttana-SM concentrate is applied to all metalworking machine tools at Everising, DMG Mori, Goodway, Doosan, Haas. A total of 67 units of equipment of the hydraulic cylinders plant are serviced using Azmol British Petrochemicals lubricant. Machines are loaded with operations on blade and abrasive machining of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.

The technologist of the plant “Gidrosila Tethys” comments: “For a long time, we have selected the optimal coolant option for our production. But each of them had its drawbacks - either the price or poor corrosion protection, irritating effects on personnel, low bacteriological stability. There were cases of failure and machine downtime. At the moment, Azmol Cuttana-SM fully satisfies our requirements in terms of price-quality ratio. Therefore, we continue to expand the range of purchased products of the Azmol British Petrochemicals brand. We hope for further fruitful cooperation. ”

The results of numerous tests carried out by independent enterprises and laboratories can be combined into a single positive characteristic of Azmol Cuttana-SM coolant as a high-quality product with a European quality superior to analogues.