AZMOL 2020: Leadership Concepts in Every Segment

17:50 | 24.02.2020

On February 19, the conference "AZMOL 2020: Leadership Concepts in Every Segment" was held in Kyiv, which highlighted the company's successes in 2019, strategic development plans for 2020. The conference participants and speakers paid much attention to the general state of affairs in the modern lubricants market. During the event, an updated design of Azmol British Petrochemicals' motor oil packaging was presented, as well as intensive training for trade teams.

AZMOL BP investor and CTO Terry Dicken opened the conference. In his speech, he elaborated on the successes of the company in 2019, and also described plans for the future.

“Over the past three years, myself and our entire AZMOL BP team have made great efforts to speak today about the international recognition of the high quality of all products and the professionalism of each Azmol employee. The company has undergone tremendous changes - we have completely modernized production lines, we have introduced the latest British technologies, we are working with the best European and world base oils and additives.

First of all, we strive for time. In today's world, there are intense changes that are hard to keep up with, but we manage. AZMOL BP values ​​its reputation, so the main vector of development is the quality of the product. At the same time, we regularly update our equipment and expand our delivery geography. Since 2016, the company has changed for the better, but these are just the first steps on our long and uniquely successful path. I can speak today about how much we, our partners and customers are waiting for in 2020: the updated look of the product line of motor oils produced by Azmol British Petrochemicals, the opening of a new direction in the production of oils and cooling liquids. Opening of a number of scientific conferences and forums at the Azmol plant in the unique quality laboratory in Ukraine, held by AZMOL BP. I should also point out our great social agenda. All partners and clients of Azmol are waiting for promotions and loyalty programs. All employees of the company are waiting for training and upgrading of professionalism and qualification. AZMOL BP expects only modernization, development, success and leadership in every segment. This is the concept of life of the Ukrainian-British company today, ”said Terry Dicken during his speech.

Mr Dicken also presented in a festive atmosphere a new kind of motor oil packaging produced by Azmol British Petrochemicals.

The leading designer of the enterprise Anton Nikolaev told in detail about why such a style of rebranding was chosen. The listeners learned about the current world trends in the design of motor oil packaging and packaging materials for them.

“The choice of material canisters has been significantly influenced by four major factors:

  1. PROTECTION - a metal canister with additional levels of protection is very difficult to fake, which will protect the consumer from buying substandard counterfeit products, and our company - from possible reputational losses.
  2. ECONOMY - a metal canister is more compact than its plastic counterparts. This reduces logistics costs, which affects pricing.
  3. ENVIRONMENTAL - reducing the size of the canister reduces the number of freight trips, which will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Also, the white tin canister is a virtually 100% recyclable product, and the production process itself is less toxic than polymer packaging. We help the planet not with likes and reposts on social networks, but real affairs!
  4. PRACTICE - our metal canister will not become brittle in the cold and soft in the heat, it will not burst the seam and will not flow from under the lid. This packaging is designed to serve you in all conditions! », - Anton Nikolaev noted in his speech.

Updating the packaging design is not only a desire to respond to current trends, but also a practical necessity. Premium motor oils are often rigged, both in the domestic consumer market and in the global arena of the lubricants trade. AZMOL-BP's leading mechanical engineer Ilya Kataev highlighted this problem in his speech. He also noted that one of the main advantages of Azmol company in the fight against counterfeiting and protection of consumers from fake lubricants of its own production is that the manufacturer is always available, open to Ukrainian consumers. Any motorist who receives Azmol British Petrochemicals engine oil has the opportunity to contact the manufacturer directly and ask any questions that interest him. And also get confirmation that he purchased the original product.

The fact that the Azmol company is known all over the world is evidenced by the recognition of world leaders in the automotive industry. So, only in 2019 AZMOL received 9 approvals from leading automobile concerns, including VAG, 4 approvals from the DAIMLER concern, which produces Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Cummins and others. Ilya Kataev, Leading Mechanical Engineer of AZMOL-BP, spoke about the recognition of the company as leaders in automobile production.

The head of business projects at AZMOL BP Alexandra Sirosh noted the highest level of both production and distribution of the company. Such a rapid start and lightning-fast coverage of the consumer market both in Ukraine and in the world dictates the features of further strategic development of the company. Azmol BP is already a leader in each segment of the industry, and the company is currently introducing new business strategies that meet the level of both the enterprise and the partners and customers of Azmol.

At the end of the conference, intensive training was held for the trading team, during which leading marketers discussed in detail the current trends in doing business.