LABexpert international research center opened on the basis of AZMOL BP

10:51 | 10.09.2020

"LABexpert" is a unique international research center for Ukraine, which was created by the world famous English chemist Terry Dicken. The laboratory center is located on the territory of the Ukrainian-British enterprise AZMOL BP in the city of Berdyansk and provides services not only to enterprises of the petrochemical industry, but also to representatives of other industrial areas in our country.

Today it is not a secret for anyone that the Ukrainian market for testing the quality of oil products and assessing their compliance is going through hard times. Prices for tests are low, the flow of orders is moderate, the culture of demand by customers and consumers for oil products with confirmed quality is, as a mass phenomenon, in deep decline. Hence the difficulties in acquiring new equipment by small centers and in hiring talented, educated chemists and technologists. The result of all this was that many of the laboratories operating in Ukraine do not have the ability to provide services of the appropriate level.

Unskilled employees, using outdated equipment and lacking knowledge of modern technical characteristics, give absolutely untrue analysis results. This, in turn, provokes failures in the work of entire enterprises, leads to breakdowns and repairs of expensive equipment, injuries to employees and other sad and costly events. And to deal with such "artisanal" chemists have to go through the courts. Moreover, such laboratories are often unprofitable, and it is almost impossible to recover any material damage from them.

Therefore, the opening of the international research center LABexpert in May 2020 is a landmark event not only for AZMOL BP, but also for the whole of Ukraine. Indeed, on the territory of our country there are no enterprises with such modern and expensive equipment, as well as such qualified personnel. This laboratory is unique: it carries out more than 150 test methods, with the help of which the quality of products is controlled at every stage of production. It is LABexpert that has the ability to analyze the full range of parameters of Adblue reagents, which is not analyzed by anyone else in Ukraine, and, accordingly, it makes it possible to sell on the market a huge amount of low-quality product that breaks equipment, pollutes the environment, and causes enormous harm to human health.

“Our research center has more than 200 items of equipment for analysis. For example - a unique atomic emission spectrograph for Ukraine, which allows you to quickly determine the amount of impurities in a product - in just 35 seconds. At the same time, a specialist can analyze and identify 73 elements. Without this equipment, the analysis takes up to 2 days. The infrared spectrometer is also unique, which can study the structure of organic molecules and high-molecular compounds, as well as identify both natural and synthetic hydrocarbons and their derivatives with high molecular weight", - said Terry Dicken, Technical Director of AZMOL BP and main investor of LABexpert.

Oleg Yaroshenko, head of the State Enterprise "Research Institute of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry" MASMA, was one of the first to visit the newly opened center:

“I was impressed that a modern laboratory complex for testing and research of petroleum products was created in Ukraine at the expense of private investments. LABexpert is a bright and spacious laboratory, modern equipment, a unique technical library and a team of professional chemists. In my opinion, the management of the Berdyansk petrochemical cluster has managed to create the best testing center in Ukraine, which has become on a par with similar divisions of leading foreign petrochemical companies ”, - shared his impressions the head of the State Enterprise“, - Research Institute of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry ”MASMA".

In addition, he noted the professionalism and potential of the staff of the international research center:

“The situation on the labor market with qualified personnel in the field of petrochemistry and natural science in general, you know, is very difficult. Therefore, we must pay tribute to “LABexpert”, which was able to unite in one team fifty high-class professionals: technologists, analytical chemists, technical regulation and standardization specialists. The very atmosphere of concentration, efficiency, friendliness, responsibility and focus on the internal client sets up for performance and professional growth. "

“Laboratory research is an integral and even central part of the production of motor oils and lubricants. They are necessary to ensure that the characteristics of each product are fully consistent with those stated in the passport. That is why quality control is carried out at every stage of production - from the receipt of base oil and additives at the enterprise to the packaging of finished products in containers, ”said the owner of LABexpert, Terry Dicken.

If we talk about the petrochemical industry, at Labexpert highly qualified laboratory assistants carry out quality control of base oils and additives, finished oils at the stage of mixing and filling, analysis of used oils, greases, coolants and hydraulic fluids. For products, physical tests are carried out: the behavior of products under temperature changes, chemical tests to find out the amount of chemical elements, impurities and water in oils, as well as performance tests, during which it is determined how the lubricants will behave during use. It is here that experienced chemists-technologists from Great Britain and Ukraine develop formulations of new chemical products. The capabilities of LABexpert allow it to be used precisely as a research center for creating fundamental foundations and a breakthrough in the development of products of completely new generations: with improved operational properties, hygienic and environmentally friendly , for confidently developing sectors of the economy - pharmacy, food industry, agriculture.

Thus, the service of the LABexpert, a unique international research center for Ukraine, combines the knowledge and experience of leading British and Ukrainian chemists, engineers and diagnostic technologists with the latest achievements in the chemical analysis of lubricating oils, greases and hydraulic fluids in various fields. application.