AZMOL BP safeguards health and stability

12:22 | 26.03.2020

Azmol company took all necessary measures to protect employees and prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, another priority task of AZMOL BP is to prevent a stop in the production of lubricants so as not to let our customers and partners in such a difficult time.

Azmol approached the introduction of quarantine in Ukraine seriously and responsibly. We transferred to a remote work mode all employees who are able to fulfill their professional duties outside the office or enterprise.

We also do our best to keep our employees healthy:

- The company donated 250 thousand hryvnias to help the city healthcare system.

- We have bought the base and produce antiseptic drugs for both our employees and for charitable assistance to city institutions and services.

- All common areas at the enterprise are disinfected several times a day. The entire fleet involved in the transportation of Azmol products is also treated with a disinfector.

- We started independent production of protective masks both for the employees of the enterprise and for charity purposes.

- The entire staff of Azmol is provided with disposable and reusable medical masks.

- With the help of thermometers, the body temperature of workers in all units is measured. With minimal signs of illness, the employee is transferred to remote work or sick leave.

AZMOL BP appeals to all partners and customers: let us jointly prevent the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine and maximize the economic performance of our enterprises.

We believe that together we can win this battle for health without stopping production!