AZMOL will add 250 thousand hryvnias for consumption of Berdyansk medicine

18:15 | 18.03.2020
The AZMOL British Petrochemicals enterprise was one of the first to respond to the appeal of MP Alexander Ponomarev to help Berdyans and doctors in the fight against coronavirus. The company has never stood aside from urban problems. And even more so today, at a difficult time for everyone, understanding their social responsibility, the employees of AZMOL and the administration of the enterprise decided to put a shoulder on the Berdyansk - doctors and patients of the city hospital and to provide 250 thousand hryvnias for the purchase of the most necessary protective equipment. The list of what is needed in the first place is being developed by the operational headquarters for cooperation to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Berdyansk.

"We are grateful to Alexander Ponomarev for setting up a program to help our Berdyan doctors by his personal example. In our opinion, this should be the way normal politicians do, and business should not stand aside when there is trouble", -  said the head of marketing at AZMOL BP Maxim Tokin. "Azmol residents once again urge entrepreneurs to help our Ukraine in every way possible. And we ask the government to urgently, harshly and publicly punish those who have cheated 3-5 times the price of gauze, alcohol, masks and tests. If this looting is not stopped not hv it makes no money. It's not a business, it's a robbery! AZMOL helps Ukraine! Join in!".