AZMOL BP conquers Ukraine: now on Oldie shelves

09:30 | 30.07.2020

AZMOL BP is a European quality motor oil from a Ukrainian brand. The company provides Ukrainian motorists with premium-class lubricants at a favorable price by reducing logistics costs. More and more retail chains want to see AZMOL BP products in their assortment, now Oldie has joined them.

Anyone can now buy AZMOL BP motor oil on the shelves of the Oldie building hypermarket chain. Premium quality products have become even closer, because there is no need to specifically look for oil, just include it in the shopping list and go to the store.

AZMOL BP motor oils and lubricants are the result of painstaking work of British and Ukrainian technologists. Each product is formulated to meet the requirements of modern engine manufacturers, and the quality is confirmed by the tolerances obtained. To date, AZMOL BP engine oils already have 9 approvals from the leading auto concerns: DAIMLER, Volvo, Cummins, VAG, MAN, JAC Motors. This means that the engine manufacturers have carried out all the necessary tests and approved the products for use.