AZMOL has become the official sponsor of the Berdyansk state educational organization “Spartak” and the karate club “Kime”

20:32 | 24.07.2020

AZMOL is a frequent guest at sports competitions held by the Berdyansk sports society "Spartak" and the karate club "Kime". The history of the joint work of the Kime club, the Spartak city sports society and AZMOL BP goes back more than five years, Azmol constantly helps karate fighters in holding events, provides gifts, prizes for children, and provides comprehensive sponsorship.

Marketing Director of AZMOL BP Maxim Tokin is in constant contact with the president of the karate club, Petr Kasyanenko. And this close relationship between athletes and industrialists has reached a new level today:

 - I visit you, Maxim Gennadievich, often, you come to us constantly. And you, no doubt, are aware of all our questions, because, in fact, you always take part in their solution. Thanks to AZMOL BP, we were able to put in order the street area of ​​our club, you help us with the transfer of karatekas to multilevel competitions, provide the most diverse and necessary sponsorship. Therefore, after consulting with colleagues, we decided to officially offer you the post of honorary president of our karate club "Kime". We know that you have been involved in sports for a long time and have achieved certain success at the Spartak State Sports Complex, we are sure that you, represented by AZMOL BP, will continue to help our club in the future, therefore we offer you to become our honorary president, - Petr Kasyanenko, President of the State Sports Organization “Spartak”, the head and coach of the “Kime” karate club, turned to the Marketing Director of AZMOL BP Maxim Tokin.

Maxim Tokin accepted the offer of karate fighters, he noted that sponsorship for the young sports generation is a mandatory activity of any socially active business. For AZMOL, this is a priority area, especially for athletes who have such impressive success:
 - More than 100 children are engaged in GSO "Spartak", and almost all of them take part in competitions from the regional to the international level, constantly train, develop and win. We know that today, among the pupils of Spartak, 27 karate fighters proudly bear the title of World Champions, and more than 30 children have become European Champions - these are great successes! Everyone in Berdyansk, and far beyond its borders, speaks very well of the Spartak State Sports Organization and the Kime Karate Club, speaks only with kind words, and many note that thinking athletes are trained here. It is a great honor for me to accept your offer and take the post of honorary president of the Kime karate club, and as a representative of the AZMOL enterprise I would like to offer you a reciprocal step to strengthen our relations: AZMOL BP is ready for the Spartak State Organization and the Kime karate club to become yours the official sponsor, - the marketing director of AZMOL BP and the honorary president of the Kime karate club Maxim Tokin made a response proposal to the athletes.

Maksim Tokin and Petr Kasyanenko accepted each other's proposals, signed the relevant documents, and now AZMOL BP is the official sponsor of the Berdyansk State Sports Organization Spartak and the Kime Karate Club, and Maksim Tokin, Marketing Director of AZMOL BP, is the honorary president of the sports club.

 - We are sure that it is business, large factories, and production facilities that should help children’s sports. The country now has very difficult times, there are not enough funds for sports programs, but if we do not help children learn and develop, our Ukraine will not have a future. We are glad that businessmen - patriots of Berdyansk constantly support boxing, wrestling, football teams, basketball clubs. We are very grateful to our business colleagues for this and do not stand aside. Azmol has long and constantly been helping the organization "Spartak" and the karate club "Kime" in holding events, provides gifts, prizes for children. A lot of work was done on the cultivation of the territory of our beloved State Sports Organization "Spartak", where the guys train, namely, the playground at the entrance was tiled instead of the sidewalk completely unsuitable for walking, all the windows were replaced. In the future, we will help the children even more with transport services, so that there are as many off-site competitions as possible in other cities, where our athletes will gain experience and demonstrate their skills. We will help in the near future with the arrangement of the territory, renovate the facade and of course we will help with prizes for the winners. We wish our karate fighters beautiful fights and bright victories!