AZMOL BP gladly accepted the guests

10:28 | 24.07.2020

AZMOL BP is a Ukrainian-British company that produces lubricants of European quality. These is evidenced by the large number of approvals received from leading global car concerns, cooperation with the largest Ukrainian companies and, of course, export products to Europe and the world. The company is always open to consumers, and anyone who wants can look at the production, see with their own eyes, how lubricants are made, get acquainted with the powers.

The history of the plant dates back more than 80 years, so Azmol is known in all corners of Ukraine, the power of the enterprise is imprinted, and the products produced here successfully compete with well-known world brands. All this could not be achieved, without well-trained team of real professionals who are in love with their business.

Employees of AZMOL BP want to share their achievements, because this success is not only for the company, but also for the city, for all of Ukraine. The plant is equipped with the latest unique equipment, and the products are made from the best European raw materials. Anyone who wants to be convinced in this personally or closer to get acquainted with the production, employees are waiting for an interesting excursion.

Today, the company visited the representatives of KSM "Siol", visited all the shops, where lubricants are produced and sealed in tare. Also, guests visited the international research center "LABexpert", where with their own eyes they saw a unique equipment for Ukraine, with the help of which you can conduct complex analysis in a matter of seconds.

“We have more than 250 units of equipment, thanks to which we can check motor oil, lubricants and other products absolutely for all indicators. There is no such thing in Ukraine”, - said Vita Tanasevich, director of LABexpert.

As part of the excursion, which was conducted by Vladimir Pivovarov, Deputy Director of Production, the guests got acquainted with the history of the plant since its opening. Particular attention was paid to the last years of the enterprise - positive changes, new achievements and plans for the near future.

Azmol impresses with its dimensions, the amount of equipment and highly qualified staff. Each of them contributes its invaluable contribution to the development of the enterprise and its well-being. In addition to a great team, Azmol can be proud of and traditions, for example, in conjunction with partners here to plant trees on the «Alley of Friendship». Near every tree there is a sign where it is written who and when it was planted. Among these trees there are those that the representatives of KSM "Siol" planted in their last visit, since then it has grown significantly, as well as the both enterprises.

Visiting guests for AZMOL BP is a real holiday, because it is a chance to show the company in all its glory, to meet with it, and, looking at as Azmol employees love, it is impossible not to "infect" this love!