AZMOL team is a 2019 Futsal Champion of Berdyansk

12:30 | 25.02.2019

According to the already well-established tradition, the football season in Berdyansk futsal championship opens precisely. This type of football causes tremendous interest in our city and collects full stands of fans. This is a kind of snowdrops in the football life of the city. Since January 14th, all fans of futsal and football in general lived with this very event.

In the new 2019, applications from 11 teams were submitted for participation in the Championship. But the main favorite and contender for gold medals was the current champion, the AZMOL team. Although our team includes some of the best players in the city of Berdyansk, but the path to the championship medals was extremely difficult and thorny.

In the first round so far, the “Square Meter”, the rival of AZMOL became the main competitor for the gold awards. Starting matches are always unpredictable, it happened so this time. A strong opponent immediately showed that the AZMOL team could not see an easy walk, but they would have to fight very hard for the victory. The first half of the meeting was for the "Square Meter ". It was they who signed twice at the AZMOL gate (0:2). The team needed a little shake-up and during the break, having received instructions from the coach, AZMOL played in a completely different way.

The result was not long in coming, and at the end of the fight our team celebrated a victory with a score of 4:2. Having received the most important three points, AZMOL team felt confident in their abilities and capabilities. Having a crushing victory in the second round over the SKIF team with a score of 14:1, AZMOL reached the first line in the standings and stayed on it until the final round without losing a single point in the tournament distance. The John Greaves team could have presented problems, but even here the AZMOL team proved their superiority, having won a more than confident victory with a score 4:1.

After defeating our main competitors, it was still a matter of technique to drive to a logical championship, but our guys had no problems with that. Thus, ahead of schedule, two rounds before the end of the competition, AZMOL becomes the champion of the city of Berdyansk in 2019.

AZMOL defends its title and becomes the Champion again. Protecting a title is always a pleasant realization that you were stronger, higher, faster. It is also pleasant to realize the fact that during the two championship seasons AZMOL team in all games was stronger than its rivals, winning all matches, not allowing doubting in the level of their professionalism.

AZMOL congratulates its team members and is proud not only of their achievements, but also of life position, aimed at new rising achievements! Later on the AZMOL team will continue to fight for the championship in the "All-Ukrainian Championship AFLU." We wish our athletes inspiration and victories!