Metinvest substitute imported industrial oils with AZMOL

10:29 | 27.02.2019

Metallurgists Metinvest form new market rules – optimization by using Azmol industrial oils.

For the first time in last several years, the volume of the metallurgy market in 2018 showed a positive trend, despite the fact that there were just few prerequisites for this. Reduced sales markets due to export restrictions, economic and political instability, the destabilizing effect of Chinese exports on the European importers market, instability in raw materials supply and increased transportation costs, reduced steel consumption in the domestic market, reduced investor interest are just a few factors that have Ukrainian metallurgical industry in terms of "survival" on the world stage.

There is an urgent need to upgrade old equipment in order to meet the quality requirements of foreign exporters, which are improving every year. The management of enterprises understands that the optimization of production costs in the face of rising energy prices, fuel and lubricants is a powerful tool in the struggle for the market.

Industrial oils directly affect the quality of the metal produced, the speed of production processes, the stability of the equipment for rolled metal and metalworking. It should be noted that when pricing for imported oils, the logistic costs of transporting raw materials and finished product to the consumer are taken into account, and an overvalued exchange rate gives an additional margin to the final product.

Metinvest, as the flagship of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine, on its own example motivates the industry to optimize and replace imported industrial oils with analogues. Enterprises of Metinvest Group (Azovstal, Avdeyevka Coke Chemical Plant) and Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant in 2018 began using industrial oils AZMOL British Petrochemicals as the main substitution for the imported oils. The conclusion of the OCLS laboratory (Britain) shows the full compliance of the parameters of Azmol oils with foreign analogues, and in some indicators the best test results - for example, oil operation at high temperature with a viscosity index exceeding the analog standard. Successful tests at metallurgical plants confirmed the compliance of the physicochemical requirements for industrial oils Azmol and the possibility of their use as a substitution for foreign analog products without risks to the production process.

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