Azmol picked the best cars on the country’s race drag racing

11:42 | 16.07.2019

The roar of engines, the smell of fuel in the air and the crowd of spectators, who share the love of fast cars. A drag racing sprint race was held in Berdyansk with the support of Azmol-BP. The fastest cars of the country with famous pilots who competed for the prize fund of 150 000 UAH took part in the spectacular auto show!

Favorite sound for engine oil manufacturer- it is menacing roar of the engine! Summer is the time to drive and speed, so Azmol has arranged a real auto show. On July 13 in Berdyansk a large-scale drag racing race took place, which runs for a short distance with acceleration. The prize fund is 150 000 UAH!
The fastest cars from all over the country with professional pilots arrived in the city. There were really rare specimens, the creation of which the mechanics took more than a dozen years. In particular, the Mad Mad technique miracle was decorated with drag racing in Berdyansk in 2019. Machine of their own design unveiled SRT team. The car was made on the basis of Opel 1937 release. In addition, the car is strong enough, so still and looked intimidating to his opponents!

The auto show gathered in the Berdyansk airport a huge number of spectators who were not frightened even by a heavy downpour that suddenly struck immediately after the qualification. But the smell of wet asphalt, cutting through the dark blue sky with lightning only gave the atmosphere.
Gifts were received not only by the race winners, but also by the spectators. A quiz and other contests were held for the public, the participants of which were awarded Azmol-BP auto chemical goods. Who could not join the audience at the airport, had the opportunity to watch the race on the online broadcast. There was a stream on the official pages of the company on Instagram and on Facebook.
Guests and participants of drag racing dispersed in a great mood and with the hope that soon there will be an opportunity to get together again!