Azmol makes Berdyansk sports capital of the region

09:13 | 14.07.2019

Danker international level Kroha, Nikkon and Dandy; the pride of Ukrainian Basketball - participant of the World Championship Maksim Zakurdaev, Ukrainian national team player Olga Yakovets, famous basketball player Irina Tsekova, as well as the best football players of the region! Celebrities arrived in sunny Berdyansk on the feast of sport, which was held on July 6 and 7 with the support of the manufacturer of engine oils Azmol-BP. The company finances the development of sports in its region in order to form generations of healthy youth and provide talented athletes with the chance to become champions.

In Berdyansk held a series of large-scale sporting events. Residents of the city had the opportunity to watch the game of the best Ukrainian athletes. On July 6, the Azov Sea Cup streetball cup was held, organized by the Basketball Federation of Ukraine (BFU) with the support of the general sponsor of Azmol-BP.

On the court converged titans of Ukrainian basketball! Among them participant of the World Championship Maksim Zakurdaev, Ukrainian national team player Olga Yakovets and famous basketball player Irina Tsekova. Defend their championship was a matter of honor, so the game was exciting and dynamic. The auditory had the opportunity to enjoy the game in the spectator sector of the court, and those who could not come to the Cup, joined online. On the official website of the BFU was a live broadcast.

The peak of entertainment was the dunk contest performed by the best dunkers of Ukraine, who are known far beyond the borders of their native country. Invited celebrities were: Scarce, Nikkon and Dandy. Jumping over a ring up to two meters in height with throwing the ball did not leave indifferent any spectator, it was sometimes difficult to believe in the realism of these tricks.
The winners in each nomination received not only a mass of audience applause, but also prizes from the general sponsor of event - Azmol British Petrochemicals. This is a cash fund, automotive chemistry, and most importantly - Azmol Leader Plus 10W-40 engine oil, which has received original equipment manufacturer approval of Mercedes-Benz. Premium car manufacturer recommends Azmol products to its customers!

After the basketball battle, on July 7 a match took place between the participants of the Berdyansk Championship “Molniya - Azmol”. The team of the same name is played by the company's employees, who by personal example show how successfully you can combine any professional activity and a serious passion for sports.
Azmol won 4-0. Azmol won 4-0. Representatives of the company follow the philosophy of the company, which is that in the region it is very important to form a sports culture and grow new generations of champions for their country. We have a lot of talented novice athletes.
Azmol-BP constantly supports financially all kinds of sporting events. In particular, the company's cooperation with the BFU was very productive. The common views of the two structures on the development of sports and common goals contribute to the promotion of the region as a whole.

Head of the Berdyansk Basketball Federation Nikolai Rudnitsky comments: “In order in our country to become more champions of the international level from year to year, it is enough to transfer talents from courtyards to stadiums and send spotlights to them. Talented youth of our region always notice and appreciate the team's success in the Championship of Ukraine is confirmed. The BFU considers it its mission to give an opportunity to novice athletes to prove themselves. ”
Azmol constantly sponsors the holding of various cups, championships, competitions, so not only Berdyansk, but the whole country could be proud of our athletes. The younger generations need an incentive to grow, and the example of talented children who have succeeded is the best motivation.
Healthy Nation - is a common goal across the country. It can only be realized if each region adds a puzzle to this big picture.
Azmol recognizes its social responsibility and therefore makes every effort to Berdyansk children formed with healthy hobbies and a few years later is proud to represent their country in international competitions.