A team of Azmol specialists gathered to develop a strategy for further development, after obtaining the approvals of Mercedes-Benz

14:35 | 08.07.2019

Getting a Mercedes-Benz OEM approvals is not just a success. This is the result of team work of the best specialists of the country, which Azmol-BP unites. Our oil - “perfectly created” and we are proud of those who create it. The company's team gathered at the business training «Azmol - the top of trust "to develop a further development strategy.

Getting the OEM approvals of the world-famous motor-builder Mercedes-Benz is the pinnacle of trust for any well-known European brand of oils. This is a guarantee of quality lubricant, which leaves no doubt. After all, who knows better what will suit the engine, if not the one who developed it and understands all the technical needs of the mechanism?
For Azmol, obtaining OEM approvals for several oils at the same time became a public acknowledgment that the trust of thousands of the company's customers across the country and abroad - is a reasonable choice in favor of quality and reliability.
Now a number of new prospects has opened up for the manufacturer, including on the international market. In order to develop a further development strategy, the company gathered the key links of its team at the business training “Azmol top of trust”. It should be noted that the geography of the staff of the enterprise covers the whole country.

During the meeting, they discussed a further strategy, which is actually a map of new achievements. The pledge of the development of our company is not to stop at what has been achieved, so that we could continue to “perfectly create”, and perfection, as we know, has no limits.
The training was filled with productive discussions, there was also a presentation of new sales tools. Regional representatives were able to exchange experiences and recommendations regarding working with clients.
Now that the vectors of further development are defined, the Azmol team is ready to move to new heights, inspired by the victories already achieved. We are strong, because we are along with the best!