AZMOL BP has successfully passed ISO 9001 recertification

12:55 | 14.07.2021

Ukrainian-British project AZMOL British Petrochemicals passed a recertification audit of the quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001 standard and received a certificate for three years - until July 2024. The audit was carried out by the Kharkiv office of International Technical Society BUREAU VERITAS.

The quality management system at AZMOL British Petrochemicals was implemented in 2018 after the plant underwent a complete modernization. “In order to start working on the system ISO 9001, internal auditors should customize it. Therefore, even before the first certification of BUREAU VERITAS, personnel training was carried out. The group of internal auditors includes at least 10 people who are responsible for their areas. This is marketing, sales, and personnel - I am responsible for production”, - says the internal auditor, deputy director for production management at AZMOL British Petrochemicals Vladimir Pivovarov. – “We created a working management scheme, built the chain from bottom to top and the auditors appreciated it. In 2018 any non-compliance protocols were not issued. But recertification is a serious step for an enterprise. And we prepared for it no less thoroughly than three years ago, in particular, we improved the risk management system”.

The audit passed in accordance with the approved plan. The auditors of BUREAU VERITAS studied production, warehouses for raw materials and finished products, as well as evaluated the work of individual departments - technological, personnel management, marketing, etc. “The production process at the plant is built according to British technologies and fully complies with technological maps. We compared the work with the documented procedures and did not find any deviations" the head of Kharkiv office International Technical Society BUREAU VERITAS Oleg Moskalenko said.

According to him, the quality of the company's internal audit and the leadership system were assessed separately, including the responsibility of senior management for the implementation standard. "The company is well prepared. The audit took place in a constructive atmosphere, the staff was open to communication, which is especially important. We easily got access to all the necessary information”, - says the leading auditor of the International Technical Society BUREAU VERITAS Sergey Toropov. – “There are no reasons to draw up the protocols of non-compliance, the recommendations were declared. We are glad that the company has successfully passed recertification".

Development vector for Ukrainian-British project AZMOL British Petrochemicals is international. The company emphasizes that the implementation of quality management systems according to ISO 9001 are just the beginning of a long journey. The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of lubricants plans to introduce the environmental standard 14001 and the standard on labor protection 45001, as well as obtain international certificates for new products.

AZMOL British Petrochemicals has already taken the first step in this direction. In 2020, the company passed a certification audit of the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) and, according to European standards, began production of a reagent used to purify exhaust gases of diesel vehicles - AdBlue®. The innovative product received a VDA license for the release of AdBlue®.

“We have been working as a Ukrainian-British enterprise for five years. And in our activities, we are guided by international standards. This allowed us to expand the geography of exports to 54 countries. As a manufacturer, we are responsible for the quality of products and we confirm this with appropriate certificates” summaries Ilya Kataev, head of the AZMOL BP service department.

Справка о компании

AZMOL British Petrochemicals is a successful Ukrainian-British investment project based on the domestic petrochemical enterprise AZMOL. The project started in July 2016 with the re-equipment and debugging of capacities. The processes were headed by a shareholder of AZMOL-BP, a scientist, a chemical technologist from Birmingham (Great Britain) Terry Dicken, whose career is inextricably linked with the successes of the world giants of the lubrication industry. For 5 years, under his leadership, a powerful petrochemical production complex was rebuilt in Berdyansk.

The product asset AZMOL-BP is represented by a premium line of synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils for cars, a line of extra-efficient auto chemistry and auto cosmetics, lubricants and cutting fluids for power production units, as well as lubricants for the food industry.

At the end of 2020, AZMOL British Petrochemicals became the first VDA-certified Ukrainian manufacturer of AdBlue®.

The guarantee of the high quality of all AZMOL British Petrochemicals products is the international research center LabExpert, focused on the tasks of the petrochemical industry. The Center carries out control of incoming raw materials, consulting support of the work of the technologists of the Ukrainian enterprise, as well as quality control of all finished products. LabExpert is subordinated to a British investor and acts as a controller at the Ukrainian production site.