AZMOL-ВР sponsored as a technical partner of a professional Ukrainian drag racing team ZAZ GTR

16:04 | 13.07.2021

AZMOL British Petrochemicals opened drag racing season as a technical partner of a Sumy ZAZ GTR team. AZMOL-BP provided technical support for the legendary ZAZ GTR piloted by the master of sports of Ukraine Sergey Solovchenko at the first stage of the Professional Ukrainian Drag Racing PROUDRS series, which took place on June 26-27 in Odessa.


The essence of the collaboration between Ukrainian-British manufacturer of lubricating materials and a professional sports team is to explore a unique oil, which was created for a sports engine, create its analogue at the production site and demonstrate its effectiveness in achieving high sports results.


In addition, the company highly regards that all the developments within the partnership will form the basis of its new technology for the production of motor oils for passenger vehicles.

«For the 2021 season, ZAZ GTR team has been equipped with a new 8.8-liter drag engine manufactured by Nelson Racing Engines. Its maximum rated power is 4000 horsepower. The car was designed directly for a 402 meters distance, where the engine experiences enormous loads. Over the short term it must reach its performance characteristics and show maximum efficiency. This includes a special level of requirements for all consumables and lubricanting materials», — says Ilya Kataev, head of the AZMOL-BP service department.


Ilya Kataev took the lead of the working group, which is a part of  ZAZ GTR team. Experienced technologists from AZMOL British Petrochemicals also became members of the group.


International Lubricants Research Center Labexpert is the largest in Ukraine. It operates according to international standards and is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine for more than 200 research methods. Labexpert will control the quality of the future innovative product.


According to Ilya Kataev, AZMOL is planning to test the products, which are used in this type of engine, at the first stage.  «We want to produce required product and test them in combat conditions during the season. We are confident in our abilities and intend to show in practice that AZMOL British Petrochemicals products can confidently compete with the TOP-5 world oil producers. We are confident in our abilities and intend to show in practice that AZMOL British Petrochemicals products can confidently compete with the TOP-5 world oil producers», — emphasizes Kataev.


The history of creation of a new innovative product AZMOL British Petrochemicals in collaboration with the professional ZAZ GTR team will be covered in a real time.


«AZMOL-BP accomplished the impossible in five years. We completely modernized production base, received official approvals from 11 leading European automobile manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Volkswagen, and increased the geography of exports to 54 countries. This project will allow us to show in nuances what the flagship of the Ukrainian industry of lubricating materials is capable of today.

We will cover everything in detail on social networks in posts with the hashtag #SportMotorOilMarathon.

Yes, it's a challenge. At the same time, we are confident in ourselves and ZAZ GTR team.», — says Denis Drobin, head of communications AZMOL British Petrochemicals.

«We have five people in our team, and there are even more people who helps us in technical matters. We were assembling our car ourselves and continue to improve it.

 The new heart of the design is the AJPE Nelson 481x, an engine with the ideal size / power ratio for motor racing. But its durability depends on the lubricating materials.

For us, as professionals, partnership with AZMOL British Petrochemicals means team strengthening, confidence in the quality of lubricating materials and, I am sure, notching a victory in high-level competitions», —notes Denis Kurbatov, head of ZAZ GTR team.


With support of technical partner AZMOL British Petrochemicals, ZAZ GTR team expects to set a new personal record.


The first race competition of this season took place on June 26, 27 on the 6th kilometer of the Ovidiopol highway.