Interactive catalog of AZMOL British Petrochemicals product selection for your car!

17:32 | 06.04.2021

The team of the technical support department of AZMOL British Petrochemicals informs about the successfully implemented project-the creation and launch of the online service for the selection of AZMOL lubricants.

The online service for the selection of lubricants AZMOL was created in cooperation with the Dutch company OLYSLAGER – a leader in the creation of electronic databases for manufacturers of lubricants and leading car manufacturers.

OLYSLAGER allows motorists around the world to choose lubricants for their car, regardless of the date and country of production. The extensive technical archive of the catalog includes the latest data on the global fleet of cars and provides consumers with up-to-date information about the requirements of leading OEM manufacturers, as well as all the competitive advantages of products.

The electronic catalog only publishes products that are documented or verified by OEMs. Therefore, the presence of a specific product in the database is a guarantee of compliance with the declared properties and compliance with the requirements of automakers.

The world's largest database and user-friendly catalog interface allow you to select the optimal product from the AZMOL British Petrochemicals line for your car in a matter of seconds. Just find the make and model of your car in the search bar and click "selection" - the system will automatically select the most suitable AZMOL product for the main components and assemblies of your car. The selection procedure will take no more than a minute, then you will only need to order the selected product.

Time is our most valuable resource, and thanks to the online service for the selection of AZMOL lubricants, motorists can really quickly and efficiently get an answer to their question.