2019 RESULTS: AZMOL-BP management run year meeting

17:52 | 27.12.2019

20th of December 2019 in Berdyansk there were final meeting of management of all the structure subdivisions of AZMOL company. During the meeting all the results of 2019 was discussed, as well as aim and tasks for 2020. During the meeting technical director of company Mr. Terry Dicken announced new direction in work of company, but did not disclosed details, stated only that AZMOL-BP is preparing something special for his customers.

During the final meeting the employees of Azmol conclude the manufacturing results, analyzed main working directions of company in general. By complete program of development the principles of system management are being implemented in the company. During 2019 many different tasks were realized and that bring new business partners, manufacturing and sales volumes growth. Therefore, general prosperity of company increased and that is the basis for better dynamics in 2020.

“Azmol confidently and methodically cover Ukrainian market, we have active work with leading companies in industrial and agricultural sectors, transportation companies with light and heavy fleets trust and give preference to us. Azmol becomes quality substitution of imported products for Ukrainian drivers who buys our products from retail. We fully covered our aims and tasks for 2019. So we meet 2020 with new aims and tasks, fully confident that it will be realized”, - director’s deputy Azmol-BP, Mr. Mikhail Tarasenko said.

By today Azmol is cooperating with following companies: Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, PJSC Zaporozhstal, Interpipe NTRP, HarvEast Holding, UkrLandFarming PLC, LANDFORT, FLC Dneprocommuntrans”, LLC “Vestashlyakhbud”, Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Plant of Steel Profiles LLC, OJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant», Utility Enterprise “Dnepr Electrotransport”, Hydrosila TETIS Ltd., «Melitopolskiy zavod avtotraktornykh zapchastey» LLC (ATS), LLC "Melitopol plant of turbo compressors - Turbocom", PJSC ZAPORIZHOBLENERGO, LLC “Odessa Road-Building Administration” and many other companies.

Impressive result of 2019 – joining to Association «Ukrainian Agribusiness Club». Agricultural subdivision is new for Azmol – only one year company works with representatives of this business sector, but already have results: leaders of Ukrainian agricultural companies recognize Azmol lubricants as a best choice for modern agricultural vehicles. This is one more partnership which Azmol is proud of:

“Joining UCAB means that national agricultural business becomes to trust to Ukrainian manufacturers and quality of its products. Modern agricultural vehicles need lubricants of proper quality level, because it influence on technical performance on their fleet. Ukrainian agrarians choose Azmol products, which are in demand of domestic and foreign markets”, - stated main technologist of Azmol Vladimir Pivovarov.

Other quality tradition of Azmol – receiving of approvals from world leading manufacturers of engines and vehicles. At the end of 2019 Azmol have approvals from Mercedes-Benz, VAG concern for Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat cars, MAN, VOLVO Trucks concern, Mack Trucks, Renault, from auto company JAC Motors for commercial vehicles JAC N-Series, from worldwide known manufacturers of engines Cummins.

“Obtaining approvals of such level – this is strong proof of quality of AZMOL products and best argument for position in the market in Premium segment” – technical director of Azmol company, Mr. Terry Dicken, stated during the meeting.

Management of the company noted success of all the employees and those, who earn manufacturing awards 2019:

“It is especially nice to note, that as a result of 2019 Azmol was rewarded with “Leader of sector-2019” and “Customer’s choice-2019”. Within the scope of “Leader of sector-2019” for high achievements Order “Professional Recognition” was given to head of laboratory of Azmol Vita Tanasevich. Medal “For outstanding service and archivements” was given to main technologist Vladimir Pivovarov and Certificate “Specialist of the Year” was given to technology engineer Tatiana Overko. This employees, their success and devotion, high performance of their activity – main guideline for every employee of our company”, - director’s deputy Azmol-BP, Mr. Mikhail Tarasenko said.

Presently construction of new unique for Ukraine laboratory is almost finished. The most modern equipment, which does not have any analogues in Ukraine, will be installed in updated quality control department. Opening of refreshed laboratory is expected in first half of 2020:

“Today an atomic spectrograph is working in our laboratory. An unique equipment in Ukraine with no analogues in territory of our country. Cooperation with British partners bring modernization of all the laboratory equipment. Soon in our up-dated lab we are going to run independent appraisals for third companies”, - head of laboratory of Azmol Vita Tanasevich said.

In 2019 Azmol British Petrochemicals join to leaders of manufacturing of lubricants and became a member of NLGI. NLGI is international association for quality control of oils and greases, founded in 1933. National Lubricating Grease Institute accept only leading manufacturers who produce products which successfully pass all the hard tests and proof the conformance to international quality standards. Association of leaders of the markets consolidate experience of world leaders of production of lubricants, develop new technologies of production and by running of numerous researches, approve new quality standards.

As noted by Terry Dicken, technical director of Azmol British Petrochemicals, the entry into NLGI – is primarily the merit of the technologists, production and laboratory staff who are responsible for each stage of the creation of lubricants and guarantee the quality of the final product.

Terry Dicken told why he chose AZMOL for co-working:

“For a long time, I watched the work of the company and saw the unlimited potential that needs to be developed in order to form a powerful player in the international oil market. In particular, it was a large strong team of specialists and a favorable geographical location and nowadays, modernized equipment of workshops and a unique laboratory, which allows for ultra-precise control of product quality at the outlet, were added to this list. All the factors listed above indicate that developing such a promising project is profitable and interesting, ”Terry Dicken said during the forum.

I course of 2019, a number of enterprises, according to the results of industrial tests, confirmed the quality and effectiveness of Azmol products and decided to use exactly AZMOL TM oils, coolants, emulsions for production needs. Among them are such Ukrainian giants as PJSC "ILYICH IRON AND STEEL WORKS", PLC Ukrlandfarming AGRO HOLDING, “Hydrosila Tetis”, Metinvest Group enterprises (Azovstal, Avdiivka Coke Plant) and Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant, Kharkov Tractor Plant and SE “Malyshev plant”. The list of partner enterprises is constantly expanding and in 2020 will be replenished with new impressive names.

“I am pleased to note that the European raw materials, British technology and the high professionalism of the Ukrainian staff gave a product corresponding in its characteristics to foreign counterparts. I always knew that these three points will become the key to the success of our product group. Today, walking through the enterprise, after listening to the reports of my colleagues, I am pleased to note that my expectations are fully satisfied: Azmol is really a product that our partners deserve. We work hard to protect our quality, to expand the consumer market, and one of the goals of my visit today is to control the implementation of the updated Azmol trading line. We’ll talk more about this in 2020. Today, when I am confident in the success of our joint Ukrainian-British production, I’m going to England and on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays I wish everyone a Happy New Year! ”- said Terry Dicken, Technical Director of AZMOL BP, in his speech.