AZMOL’s new product – Brake Caliper Grease

16:11 | 13.01.2020

AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease is another novelty in the AZMOL BP lubricant line. It is designed to service the mechanisms of the brake system. The advanced formula provides reliable protection for metal, rubber and plastic parts. AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease is the result of a constructive collaboration between British technologists and domestic production.

Brakes operate in an aggressive environment. They are exposed to moisture and high temperatures, which can lead to corrosion. Using AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease guarantees uninterrupted operation and safety of brakes in any climatic conditions.

Thanks to the high quality of the AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease, it is no longer necessary to change gaskets and cuffs too often. Grease protects them from wear.

Due to the high level of adhesion of the lubricant, reliable protection against dust, moisture and salt deposits of the entire working surface is achieved. When using the AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease, the operating temperature range from -40 ° С to + 1100 ° С is achieved, the car is not threatened with brake fluid leakage, and the brake pads and screeching of the disc brakes are left in the past.

AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease is supplied in convenient packaging weighing 20 grams. In terms of technical characteristics, it successfully competes with similar products of world manufacturers. AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease is the best choice if you are interested in a quality product.

It is imperative to ensure that the product does not get on the working surfaces of the pads - this can lead to a deterioration in their performance.

Other products from the AZMOL line of automotive chemicals are also in high demand among drivers. Among them are aerosols for parts and mechanisms of the car - AZMOL Engine CLEANER, and sprays designed to clean the engine and engine compartment. Thanks to the active components, the components quickly act and cope even with the most dense contaminants:

Aerosols AZMOL BP:

AZMOL Brake Cleaner is designed to clean brake drums, discs, pads, cylinders and clutch parts from traces of oil, grease, brake fluid and other contaminants.
AZMOL Carb Cleaner - helps to clean the carburetor without disassembling it.
AZMOL AWD-40 is a multifunctional lubricant. It is used to service various components and mechanisms. It is applied on metal and rubber surfaces.
AZMOL Cain Lube - lubricant for all types of drive chains. Protects them from wear and extends the service life.
Our sprays will help take care of the car interior:

AZMOL Universal CLEANER is a universal cleaner for textiles, vinyl, plastic and glass.
AZMOL Plastic POLISH - polish for plastic. Protects from aging, cracking, gives gloss to surfaces.
AZMOL Glass CLEANER is an effective glass cleaner. Leaves no stains.

Already in 2020, AZMOL will present an updated line of auto chemical products of its own production.