Azmol Cuttana SM and Azmol Cuttana S are the main cooling liquids at “MALYSHEV PLANT”

11:09 | 15.01.2020
SE "MALYSHEV PLANT" based in Kharkiv , one of the largest enterprises in the UKROBORONPROM complex, gave preference to Azmol Cuttana SM and Azmol Cuttana S lubricants and cooling liquids for use in the manufacturing sector.

Within two months, production tests were carried out, during which lubricants and coolants Azmol Cuttana SM and Azmol Cuttana S competed with another product of the ukrainian manufacturer.

Test results have shown that Azmol British Petrochemicals products meet state standards. The emulsion completely protects the metal parts of the equipment from corrosion even at a minimum of 3% concentration. In this case, the competing product revealed corrosion impurities.

The coolant was used on lathes and circular grinders. While working on the equipment, no metal shavings sticking and no other contamination occurred.

Production staff noted that the Azmol British Petrochemicals coolant does not cause skin irritation and is odorless. This indicates a high level of safety in use. At the same time, the staff had previously had inconvenience in working with the previous lubricant.

The Azmol Cuttana SM and Azmol Cuttana S cooling liquids have also demonstrated a stable formula: they dissolve well in cold water, do not stratify and do not form a precipitate.

As a result, the Azmol British Petrochemicals coolant bypassed its competitor and proved to be better than the product used at the factory before. They were selected as the main lubricants for production.