Kharkiv Tractor Plant now uses AZMOL BP coolant in its work

09:17 | 17.01.2020
Azmol Delta Cuttana SM coolant has successfully passed production tests at Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

Azmol British Petrochemicals leading manufacturer of cutting fluids, once again confirmed the quality of its products during a 3-month extended production test at Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

In the second half of 2019, the coolant "Azmol Delta Cuttana SM" was tested on grinding and turning CNC machines. Additional tests were also carried out during which the coolant was in operation without replacement. The trial period resulted in the full recognition by the Kharkiv Tractor Plant of the high coolant performance of the Azmol company.

In addition, the test result showed that the "Azmol Delta Cuttana SM" provides corrosion resistance of parts. No lesions were observed either on steel or cast iron. The liquid does not adversely affect the details of the mechanisms, the cutting tool and the intensity of the machines.

The concentrate is completely soluble in cold water, which is necessary in the production environment, and does not separate. This indicates a stable formula for coolant.

Most importantly, the solution is safe to use and does not cause irritation to the skin and respiratory system.

During the tests, all the declared characteristics of the "Azmol Delta Cuttana SM" were confirmed. The European level of product quality guarantees the safety of the equipment and the increase in its life. Traditionally, another large industrial enterprise in Ukraine - Kharkiv Tractor Plant, after actually confirming the high quality of the Azmol brand, will now use Azmol Delta Cuttana SM coolant in its work.