AZMOL BP obtained API license

15:56 | 23.04.2020

We are proud to announce that AZMOL BP has been licensed API lubricant manufacturer since April 20, 2020. Also, AZMOL Famula M 15W-40 oil has received an API license.

For motor oil manufacturers, the most recognized test result for their products is the licensing of the API (American Petroleum Institute, i.e. American Petroleum Institute).

In the API classification the quality of engine oil is determined by an experiment on the engine when, for example, the wear and cleanliness of the walls of cylinders, piston rings, bearings and the gas distribution mechanism, the formation of soot and sediment, as well as surface damage and oxidizability of the oil are examined.

Tests of the AZMOL Famula M 15W-40 engine oil were carried out in one of the largest research centers in the USA and showed full compliance of the product with the requirements of the API for CI-4 / SL engine oils.

You can view the license on the official API website:

“Obtaining a license of this level is a solid proof of the quality of our products. Such approvals are a strong argument for market positioning in the Premium segment,” - said Terry Dicken, Technical Director of AZMOL BP.

its useful to note that currently the following approvals are already in the assets of AZMOL BP:

  • Mercedes MB 228.3 for AZMOL Famula M 10W-40 engine oil.
  • Mercedes MB 228.3 for AZMOL Famula M 15W-40 engine oil.
  • Mercedes MB 229.3 for AZMOL Leader Plus 5W-40 engine oil.
  • Mercedes MB 229.3 for AZMOL Leader Plus 10W-40 engine oil.
  • Summins CES 20078 for AZMOL Famula M 15W-40 engine oil.
  • VOLVO VDS-3 for AZMOL Famula LD 10W-40 engine oil.
  • Renault VI RLD-2 for AZMOL Famula LD 10W-40 engine oil.
  • MACK EO-N for AZMOL Famula LD 10W-40 engine oil.
  • VAG VW 504.00 / 507.00 for AZMOL Ultra Plus 5W-30 engine oil (cars manufactured by the VAG concern: AUDI, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda).
  • A number of engine and gear oils are approved by JAC Motors.

Undoubtedly, obtaining approvals from the world's leading car manufacturers, licensing API, is an advantage in choosing lubricants for consumers. However, as the company’s management notes, AZMOL BP is constantly developing and introducing advanced British technologies, industrial developments, using the best European base materials and additives. Therefore, API licensing is the expected evaluation of AZMOL products, and in the future, the company will delight its partners and customers with new approvals from competent organizations.