“Azov Cup” of jeep sprint with the support of Azmol held on Berdyansk

16:10 | 29.05.2019

The roar of the engine, excitement in the eyes of the public and adrenaline that going off the scale - with these words, you can briefly describe the race in the jeep sprint format, which took place near Berdyansk.. The competition was held in three categories - “Standart”, “Hard” and “Country Cross”. Spectacular event gathered hundreds of viewers.

It's almost summer, you would like the impressions, emotion and something memorable. Azmol presented the inhabitants of Berdyansk the opportunity to get a portion of adrenaline and a stunner. Our company organized the Azov Cup jeep sprint. This is an off-road circuit race. Obstacles on the track were created without the participation of Avtodor’s employees, so the bumps and holes turned out to be not so serious. In order to complicate the task a bit for professionals of motor sport, the road was flooded with places in some places. Racing is an event where never too much dirt!

The competition was held in three categories - “Standart”, “Hard” and “Country Cross”. The audience enthusiastically followed by all the participants, and the spectacle was worth it. The speed, the roar of engines and the spectacular spread of mud from under the wheels for a few meters in height. Each participant of the race had its own audience of fans who did not hold back emotions, at times the sounds of support resembled a football tribune. But further, the intensity of emotions only intensified!

For a while, the weather pleased with a cloudy that perfectly suited the atmosphere of race and excitement, but when the rain started, the track began to blur, and the obstacles unplanned became more complicated. It was not passed without exciting moments. Participant number 07 at the speed literally laid the car on its side. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

It should be noted that, despite the desire of each of the pilots to win, a wonderful friendly atmosphere reigned in the race. The announcement of the results and the award itself took place in the rain, but no one seemed to notice the intrigues of the weather.

Azmol presented prizes to the winners of all nominations, but the main gift was a lot of positive emotions. In the end, they made a collective photo for memory. We thank our jeep sprint champions for an amazing race!