Azmol became a member of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business

08:30 | 04.06.2019

Advanced Ukrainian agricultural enterprises have recognized Azmol lubricants as the best choice for modern agricultural equipment. Our company has become a member of the UCAB - Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business. This is another partnership that Azmol is proud of.

The Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club unites the leaders of the agricultural sector of the country. The main aim of the Club is to provide its members with the opportunity to find reliable partners not only for fruitful cooperation, but also for shaping the policy of the Ukrainian agrarian business. Creating a union of leaders opens up the prospect of Ukrainian agricultural products and agricultural machinery entering the international market.

Azmol’s entry into the ranks of the UCAB emphasizes that the national agrarian business is developing in the direction of trust in domestic partners and the quality of their products. Modern agricultural technology needs an appropriate level of lubricants, the efficiency of equipment directly depends on it. Ukrainian farmers choose Azmol products, which have long been in demand not only in the domestic, but also in the foreign market.

The founders of the Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club comment that the advantage of this partnership is not only reliability, but also prospects. Because when the company develops dynamically, its products will always be transformed synchronously with the needs of the client audience.

UCAB membership is a partnership that Azmol is proud of. Our company hopes for productive joint activities.