The “International Forum, “AZMOL-BP – effective lubricants for agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles” took place with the participation of Terry Dicken and partner companies from 11 countries

11:14 | 07.06.2019

On May 30-31, a forum on lubricants " Berdyansk 2019, AZMOL-BP - effective lubricants for agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles"  was held. British co-owner Terry Dicken explained why he chose the Ukrainian Azmol plant for major investments. The event was attended by partners from 11 countries, who emphasized that dynamic development only increases the prospects of cooperation with the company.

On May 30-31, the Berdyansk-2019 Forum took place, which, without exaggeration, can be called an international event. Co-owner of Azmol-BP, Terry Dicken, explained why he chose this Ukrainian company for large investments. Up to this point, this question has remained intriguing for the press, because such a move is completely different from the standard way of doing business.

According to the British investor, he has been watching the company's work for a long time and saw unlimited potential that needs to be developed  in order to form a powerful player in the international oil market. In particular, they talked about a large strong team of specialists and an advantageous geographical  location, but now this list has been supplemented by a modernized equipment of the workshops and a unique laboratory that allows precise control of the quality of the product at the outlet. All the above factors indicate that developing such a promising project is profitable and interesting.

The foreign partners of the company were demonstrated the entire process of manufacturing lubricants - from producing  of oil  to packaging it. A vivid example of the functioning of the already modernized working lines allowed guests to verify the efficiency of modern equipment, thanks to which the energy costs were significantly reduced. After the tour,  Azmol’s representatives together with the company's partners planted trees at the “Friendship Alley”. This is a long tradition, symbolizing the strengthening of the roots of cooperation and the future development of partnership.

The evening part of the program was no less bright. Leading engineers of the company solemnly filled the engine of Mercedes auto with “AZMOL 5W-40 Leader Plus” motor oil. Such a show program was arranged in honor of the fact that the manufacturer received the approval of Mercedes Benz. The German company, whose cars have gained recognition worldwide, recommends Azmol lubricants as the best choice for premium cars.

During the second day of the forum, British experts Graham Eden and  Mike Volante, as well as Azmol’s experts, made presentations. The final feature of the conference was a gala dinner, at which participants exchanged impressions and built further professional plans.

Azmol British Petrochemicals aims to expand the geography of partnerships in Ukraine and abroad, therefore, such forums will be held in the future.