We love our hometown: AZMOL BP launched a campaign to restore parks and squares in Berdyansk

18:57 | 02.09.2020

Berdyansk is a popular resort among Ukrainians and citizens of other countries, located on the shores of the Azov Sea. In the historical part of the city there are ancient architectural monuments that require care and attention, many parks and other favorite places of Berdyansk residents need to be restored. AZMOL British Petrochemicals is also a part of Berdyansk and, as a large enterprise, feels responsible for the city.

AZMOL BP is always actively involved in the fate of both the microdistrict in which it is located and the entire city. The company actively assisted the city authorities in eliminating the accident at the city sewer. In addition, as soon as the pandemic began, and the doctors needed personal protective equipment and antiseptics, AZMOL BP came to the rescue, providing them with everything they needed.

Recently, the company improved the territory of the Azmol district, now there is a cozy park where residents can spend time with their children. A children's park with comfortable benches and a modern playground has also appeared opposite the Neftekhimik recreation center. During the holidays, the company regularly arranges events for adults and children, and prepares many surprises.

Feeling responsible for the beloved city, AZMOL BP launched an action aimed at restoring and restoring the favorite places of Berdyansk residents. Previously, these locations were pleasing to the eye, but after a long time without proper attention they lost their former appearance, and this is really upsetting.

In such a situation, one cannot stand aside, because if there is an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the city, this must be done. To help Berdyansk to become a beautiful, flourishing city again, AZMOL BP is launching a charity campaign “Favorite Corners of Berdyansk”.

From September 2, part of the proceeds from the sales of products will be directed to repair work and restoration of the favorite parks and squares of Berdyansk residents. Successful experience in restoring the park near the plant showed that you can transform anything, the main thing is to have the desire to make enough efforts.

The first location, which soon the townspeople will not even be able to recognize - a square on Krasnaya Street. It is located in the historical part of the city, where both locals and tourists often walk. It will soon be updated and equipped with everything you need for a carefree outdoor recreation. AZMOL BP has already developed a plan and received all the necessary approvals from the authorities.

The program “Favorite Corners of Berdyansk” was created so that all residents of the city could have a good time, feel comfortable in their favorite places, and so that they know for sure that they are being taken care of. AZMOL BP feels responsible for the city and is always ready to help!