AZMOL BP engine oil received approval from Wabtec for General Electric locomotives

11:05 | 31.08.2020

AZMOL BP is a Ukrainian-British manufacturer of motor oils and lubricants that provides premium quality products to both private motorists and large enterprises in the country. One of the reasons for the high level of brand trust is the availability of approvals that confirm the compatibility of engine oils with certain engine brands.

In 2018, Ukrzaliznytsya began a program to renew the locomotive fleet and entered into an agreement with General Electric, after which the first deliveries of new TEZZAS tractors with American-made GEVO12 diesel engines began.

For a long time, GE Transportation was a division of General Electric. In February 2019, GE Transportation and Wabtec merged, transferring the right to grant product approvals and approvals to Wabtec.

Wabtec is a multinational transport corporation that has been innovating the logistics industry for many years, developing and updating critical systems in transport, and supplying high-performance locomotives worldwide.

To date, Ukrzaliznytsia has already purchased 30 General Electric locomotives, which, although they show themselves much more efficiently than outdated tractors, require regular maintenance. One of the first difficulties that railway workers faced was the high cost of imported motor oil and the lack of analogues of products on the Ukrainian market.

Leading technologists from AZMOL BP set about developing and presented AZMOL SAE 40 Diesel / GE engine oil, which, after extensive research and testing, received an approval from Wabtec for use in diesel engines of General Electric locomotives.

AZMOL engine oil with Wabtec approval is made from first-class European raw materials - Chevron base oil and Infineum additives.
This once again confirms the high quality of AZMOL BP products, because an engine oil with such high characteristics successfully competes with foreign analogues. At the same time, the cost of the Ukrainian product is more profitable for Ukrzaliznytsia, because the logistics costs are much lower, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the price of the product.