A merry holiday on Knowledge Day for the children of Berdyansk together with AZMOL BP

11:03 | 29.08.2020

For all schoolchildren and their parents, September 1st is an exciting day. Someone crosses the threshold of school for the first time, and someone begins their last year, preparing for adulthood. In any case, I want to spend this day cheerfully, carefree and, of course, remember it. That is why, on the day of knowledge, all students and their parents will have a bright and cheerful holiday from AZMOL BP.

In early September, nature pampers us with warm pleasant weather, which makes it so difficult for many schoolchildren to tune in to a working mood, to return from a long summer vacation to the walls of their native schools. Kids need a “starting point” to kick-start a productive school year. And to spend this day in a joyful, pleasant atmosphere is the best solution!

AZMOL BP has prepared many unexpected surprises and gifts for schoolchildren and their parents, adults will not be bored either. Fun contests. quizzes, tasks, and most importantly - gifts and surprises await all visitors of the holiday in honor of the Day of Knowledge, which will be held on September 1 in the park near the Azmol plant.
Everyone will receive a lot of pleasant impressions and, of course, gifts. And for the parents of first graders, the company has prepared a special gift: a lottery in which you can win a free professional photo session for young schoolchildren or cool discounts in a toy store. A drawing will be held among the active participants, and the lucky ones will receive excellent prizes.

AZMOL BP also cares about the safety of all visitors to the holiday. The event will be held outdoors with the ability to maintain the required social distance. Also, everyone will be able to use antiseptics for hand disinfection.
Come for a good mood, gifts and a boost of energy. Start the school year with AZMOL BP, because childhood should be smiling!