AZMOL BP engine oils are now in the network of WOG filling stations

09:31 | 06.10.2020

Azmol British Petrochemicals is the largest manufacturer of motor oils in Ukraine. The enterprise located in the city of Berdyansk manufactures products according to modern European standards and technologies from first-class imported base oils and additives. AZMOL BP engine oils are supplied to consumers in Ukraine, as well as to European and world countries. Now motorists can purchase AZMOL BP products in the network of WOG filling stations throughout Ukraine.

Every motorist who takes care of his car always chooses only high-quality engine oil. Moreover, in order to avoid fakes or low-quality products, many buyers have been turning to the same point of sale for years. That is why, realizing the needs of motorists, filling station chains place on their windows the goods that will definitely be useful to them.

For many years, WOG filling stations have been providing motorists with high-quality fuel, and along with it, other necessary goods for cars, including lubricants. Today all over Ukraine there are 373 filling stations in 24 regions, more than 150,000 people visit them every day.

WOG provides all its customers with only the best products, which are sure to be tested before going on sale. Thanks to this, customers can purchase quality products without fear of stumbling upon a fake.

AZMOL BP is proud to announce the beginning of a partnership with a network of proven and loved by many WOG filling stations. Now all motorists who prefer high-quality lubricants can purchase TM AZMOL BP products in one of 373 WOG filling stations. Going on the road, you can be sure that if necessary, along the way, you can definitely get the best engine oil for your car.

Before reaching the consumer, Azmol British Petrochemicals products undergo many checks at every stage of production, from the receipt of the basic raw materials at the enterprise, ending with packing in containers. The check is carried out in a modern international research center located on the territory of the enterprise. Absolutely all products are tested for compliance with all indicators specified in the regulatory documentation and the product quality certificate.

The partnership with one of the largest filling station networks in Ukraine once again confirms the quality of AZMOL BP products, because the main thing for both the enterprise and the WOG filling station network is to provide its customers with the best products and services.