Together to victory: with the support of AZMOL BP, a motor sports team participates in a large-scale race

10:16 | 22.09.2020

Azmol British Petrochemiacals fully supports the development of sports in Berdyansk. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of motor oils and lubricants, but at the same time the company always cares about the city and its inhabitants. One of the areas of social responsibility is the development of sports in Berdyansk. AZMOL BP has repeatedly sponsored and organized competitions, became a sponsor of the Berdyansk State Sports Organization "Spartak" and the sports club "Kime", and helps both auto and motorcycle sports.

So, on August 21-23 in the village. Staraya Guta, Ivano-Frankivsk region, took place the "Extreme Chardge" race in the first stage of the professional sports league in the Hard Enduro class. Competitions were held in the most picturesque and at the same time in the most difficult places in Ukraine - the Carpathians. So, the only team from the Zaporozhye region, "Ride Force Racing", took part in these competitions, and our Berdyansk resident Yevgeny Iotov was also part of it. There were 4 members in the team - Mikhail Polyakov and Yuriy Derevyanko from Zaporozhye, Artem Laishevkin from Dneprorudny and Evgeny Iotov from Berdyansk. Unfortunately, during the training race, Evgeny got a hand injury and was unable to participate in the main race.

180 riders from different countries overcame natural and artificial obstacles at speed, demonstrating their endurance and courage. Steep descents and difficult ascents - all this the Ride Force Racing team successfully overcame, leaving behind many competitors. During a 3-day struggle at the limit of their capabilities, athletes from the Zaporozhye-Berdyansk-Dneprorudnoye team took third place, which, given the complexity of the track and the duration of the race, is an excellent result.

AZMOL BP provided comprehensive support to the “Ride Force Racing” team, did everything possible to help athletes successfully represent their team at the races and pass all tests at the highest level. The company provided financial assistance, covering travel expenses, the acquisition of the riders' uniforms and, of course, provided lubricants.

“We are very grateful to Azmol British Petrochemicals for believing in us and supporting us in our sport. Unfortunately, in the realities of our country, it is very difficult to find sponsors and support, and even more so from such large companies. It is prestigious to take part in the most difficult, massive and spectacular races of Ukraine and win prizes. I respect the guys from our team and consider them the best, because it is thanks to them that we took the third place. There are still several stages ahead in the Hard Enduro series and many other races. I am sure that with such experienced athletes and support from AZMOL BP, our team will be able to leave all rivals far behind, ”said Evgeny Iotov.