Shoulder to shoulder: AZMOL BP supports every driver

09:00 | 25.10.2020

Every year, on the last Sunday of October, motorist's Day is celebrated. This is another opportunity for AZMOL BP to Express its respect and, of course, to congratulate everyone involved on this wonderful holiday.

Taking care of motorists is the main goal of Azmol British Petrochemicals, and it is expressed in the quality of our products. We use the best European basic raw materials and additives, produce oil using British technologies so that every motorist can do their job, travel with family or friends and always get to their destination.

AZMOL BP also supports motor sports, being a sponsor and organizer of various competitions, races and competitions.

So, on Saturday, October 24, in Berdyansk, with the support of AZMOL BP, an auto quest was held, organized by the Federation of Motorsport and motorists of Berdyansk. All participants had to think carefully to solve all the ciphers, puzzles and riddles, and most importantly-to get a valuable prize for their ingenuity. For several hours, drivers drove around the city in search of the right locations and answers to difficult questions. At the end, the quickest and smartest were expected to receive pleasant and useful gifts from AZMOL BP.

After a 7-year break, rally competitions were held in Mariupol again. On August 23 and 24, the second stage of the Ukrainian Championship was held, sponsored and organized by Azmol British Petrochemicals. For two days, the best pilots of Ukraine competed for the first place and the Cup, and the audience received a charge of positive energy, driving emotions and unforgettable impressions. 

We hold events not only for the day of the motorist. Earlier, for the city day, AZMOL BP supported the organization of a spectacular and incredibly interesting car slalom, which anyone could participate in. Drivers competed in 4 categories: light (driving experience up to 5 years), medium (driving experience 5-10 years), Pro (driving experience more than 10 years), and girls competed in a separate category.

During this event, AZMOL BP launched the "Polite driver" campaign. Everyone who knows and complies with traffic rules, received a special sticker on the car with the inscription "I pass pedestrians". After presenting it, the driver receives a guaranteed 10% discount on any AZMOL BP products at an authorized point of sale.

There are not many automobile events, so AZMOL BP also supported the rally. Dozens of participants received a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

Our team works for the benefit of everyone who gets behind the wheel. AZMOL BP is always there, not only on holidays, but also on a daily basis. We plan to continue to participate in the life of the community of motorists in Berdyansk, Ukraine and the world. On the day of the motorist!