SPORT’S SPIRIT OF AZMOL British Petrochemicals

09:46 | 01.11.2020

AZMOL British Petrochemicals has been supporting the development of sports in Berdyansk for many years. Football, children and adults, children and youth sports school, karate club "Kime", Berdyansk sports society "Spartak" - at the competitions and matches of these athletes, representatives of AZMOL British Petrochemicals are not only in the stands of fans, but also among the main sponsors. For many years of fruitful friendship, not only Berdyansk, but the whole of Ukraine, can be proud of the athletes' results.

The history of joint work of the club "Kime", the city sports society "Spartak" and AZMOL BP is more than five years old, AZMOL constantly helps karate fighters in holding events, provides gifts, prizes for children, and provides comprehensive sponsorship. In 2020, the company became an official partner and sponsor of the karate club.

Marketing Director of AZMOL Maxim Tokin believes that sponsorship for the young sports generation is a mandatory activity of any socially active business. For AZMOL, this is a priority area, especially for athletes who have such impressive success:


  • More than 100 children are involved in GSO "Spartak", and almost all of them take part in competitions from the regional to the international level, constantly train, develop and win. We know that today 27 Spartak pupils proudly bear the title of World Champions, and more than 30 children have become European Champions - this is a huge success! Everyone in Berdyansk, and far beyond its borders, speaks very well of the Spartak State Orchestra and the Kime Karate Club, they speak only with kind words. The club is known both in Ukraine and in the world, and everyone who knows the coaches and pupils is sure that thinking athletes are trained here, - said Maksim Tokin, AZMOL Marketing Director.

Pupils of the Berdyansk sports school - the team of coach Vitaly Shachkov always hold leading positions in tournaments. Assistance in organizing training matches, transfer to all-Ukrainian competitions, gifts for the players of the Berdyansk Sports School - all this is always gladly provided by AZMOL British Petrochemicals.


  • First of all, I would like to thank AZMOL British Petrochemicals represented by Maxim Tokin for constant support and comprehensive assistance. We have been cooperating for several years already - we have contacted many times and they always help us, they go to a meeting. We bought our footballers an excellent uniform, provided them with sports equipment for training, and always financially help in organizing trips to all-Ukrainian tournaments. We are grateful to AZMOL for children's football on behalf of all parents, on behalf of the team and from all of Berdyansk, - says Vitaly Shachkov, coach of the Berdyansk youth sports school.

Games with the participation of young Berdyansk footballers in Odessa and Poltava will take place in early March. And all the fans are sure that with the support of AZMOL, the guys will reach heights by doing their favorite sport.

Sport is not just good physical shape, it is discipline, composure, self-control, ambition and desire to be the best. This is the opinion of the adult athletes of Berdyansk. That is why the best Berdyansk adult football team is the factory star of the same name, the Azmol team.

We are especially proud of the fact that the team has every right to be considered a factory one, - said the coach of multiple champions of Berdyansk tournaments - We, like other participants in the Berdyansk championship, of course, have so-called legionnaires. They point-wise strengthen our individual positions on the field. And the bulk of the players, about 90% of the team, are AZMOL employees.


But German Gorovoy, the team's goalkeeper, actually initiated the creation of a sports school in Berdyansk with the support of AZMOL British Petrochemicals., Where today all children who wish can train and play football:

  • I know how important it is to instill in children a love of sports, because it will be useful for them not only on the field, but also in life. In addition, training will have a great effect on the health of children, they just need to move, be active. There are not many places in Berdyansk where parents could take their children to play football. I would love to change that. What if the future star of world football will grow up in our youth sports school? - said German Gorovoy.

Azmol has been supporting the development of sports in Berdyansk for many years, and this year it became the official sponsor of the Ukrainian national handball team. Participation in competitions of this level is a chance for the Ukrainian team to adequately represent our country in the international arena, and we are glad that we can support our compatriots.

  • We are confident that it is business, large factories, and production facilities that should help children and adults' sports. The country now has very difficult times, there are not enough funds for sports programs, but if we do not help children learn and develop, our Ukraine will not have a future. We are glad that businessmen - patriots of Berdyansk constantly support boxing, wrestling, football teams, basketball clubs. We are very grateful to our business colleagues for this and do not stand aside. For a long time and constantly AZMOL helps the organization "Spartak" and the karate-club "Kime", the football team of the children's and youth sports school in holding events, provides gifts, prizes for children. A lot of work has been done to cultivate the territory of our beloved GSO "Spartak", where the guys train. In the future, we will help the children even more with transport services, so that there are as many off-site competitions as possible in other cities, where our athletes will gain experience and demonstrate their skills. We wish our karate fighters beautiful fights and bright victories! - this is the position of AZMOL British Petrochemicals, which was expressed by Marketing Director Maxim Tokin.