Azmol BP became a sponsor of the Ukrainian national handball team. Know ours!

19:35 | 06.11.2020

The selection for the 2022 European Handball Championship has started. Participation in competitions of this level is a chance for the Ukrainian team to adequately represent our country in the international arena. Azmol BP has been supporting the development of sports in Berdyansk for many years, and this year it became the official sponsor of the Ukrainian national handball team.

On November 5, 2020, the first qualifying match of the European Handball Championship between the national teams of Ukraine and Russia took place at the stadium of the Uruchye Sports Palace in Minsk. Despite the fact that the Russians were considered the favorites of the competition, the Ukrainian athletes proved themselves worthy opponents and were able to level the score. The teams will meet again on November 7 to put an end to the confrontation.

In addition to the Russian team, the teams from Slovakia and the Faroe Islands were included in the qualifying group. Ukrainian handball players played at the highest level, showing their skills and excellent training. The athletes achieved such a level of teamwork and professionalism thanks to intensive training, detailed elaboration of game tactics and, of course, team spirit.

“It is very important to start qualifying with a good result so that the players are confident in themselves. A draw is not a defeat. The difference in the score was not great, both teams claimed to win and in the end came to a draw. We took a point, we will draw conclusions and will prepare for the next match ”- shared the head coach of the Ukrainian national handball team Mykola Stepanets after the game.

Ahead, the Ukrainian national team will have many matches with strong opponents. AZMOL BP sincerely supports the team, joining all the fans, and believes in the victory of our athletes!