AZMOL BP’s sports life is in full swing: summing up the results of the Market Kombat table tennis tournament

16:06 | 14.12.2020

Working days are always productive and structured, but the usual routine must be diluted with vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. And AZMOL always finds such opportunities and uses them 100%. Recently, AZMOL BP employees organized and held the Market Kombat table tennis tournament, which presented our close-knit team with one of the most memorable sporting events in the life of the enterprise.

Creativity, friendship, adrenaline and perseverance! And also sports, strength, agility and a confident desire to win - this is what absolutely all the teams participating in the table tennis tournament AZMOL BP demonstrated!

Representatives of different divisions not only chose the name, but also ordered the appropriate form!All comers took part in the competition, and at this time the guests and colleagues, taking the spectator's seats, were able to enjoy the spectacular competitions between the teams.

The teams trained hard for several months before this event. Indeed, it was difficult not to pay attention to the excellent technique of each game.

Each game kept in suspense, delighted the audience with unpredictable turns. It was not easy to predict who will be the winner.

In the last round of Market Kombat, two strong teams fought - Olympus and Old Robbers. In the middle of the game, Olympus won two points and it seemed that this particular team would become the winner of the tournament. But everything was overplayed in a matter of minutes and the "Old Robbers" defeated the opponents.

    The struggle did not end there. It turned out that two teams - "Old robbers" and "Torpedo" have the same number of points, and only one can become the winner. The referee appointed the golden match, where Torpedo were the first.

    Two weeks of competition have paid off!

    For the championship in the Market Kombat tournament, the Torpedo team received a cup and medals.
    Silver was awarded to "Old robbers".
    Bronze was awarded to Olympus.

    Particularly active and experienced players received personal awards for the best game of the season, the best defense and attack. And absolutely everyone who saw the drive of sports tennis players felt that they were not office employees during the tournament, but sports fans of a spectacular and cool sports cup!

    Sport and team spirit are the real strength of every team! Join the best working holiday traditions from AZMOL BP!