New product from AZMOL BP: certified AdBlue from the largest manufacturer of lubricants in Ukraine

13:50 | 17.12.2020

Azmol British Petrochemicals, a Ukrainian-British company, annually expands its product line for consumers of premium motor oils, lubricants and car care products. In December 2020, the production of AZMOL BP was replenished with a new, unique product for Ukraine: we received a certificate for the production of AdBlue from the VDA (German Automobile Industry Association), and launched its large-scale production at the Berdyansk plant.

AdBlue is a reagent required for vehicles equipped with selective catalytic converter (SCR). This system converts harmful exhaust gases into water and nitrogen. Equipping cars with this system is mandatory according to environmental standards, and almost all new cars with diesel engines are produced with it.

In today's world, the demand for AdBlue reagent has grown significantly, there is a demand in the Ukrainian market. AZMOL BP specialists have prepared the reagent, and it will soon appear on store shelves. It has been tested and fully complies with VDA requirements.

AZMOL BP is the only Ukrainian manufacturer that has received a license to manufacture AdBlue reagent. Obtaining it is a long and laborious process, but well-established production, high-quality materials and full compliance with the recommendations guarantee a positive result.

AdBlue reagent from AZMOL BP is used to ensure the purity of the exhaust gases of diesel engines of Euro-4, Euro-5 and Euro-6. It is not dangerous to humans and animals, not explosive and not toxic.

Caring for the environment is an important part of AZMOL BP's work. The company regularly improves production and disposal protocols in accordance with European standards. The production of a licensed high-quality AdBlue reagent is another step towards improving the environmental situation, both in Ukraine and in the world.