Advanced training of employees is the key to success of AZMOL

15:10 | 10.12.2019

Corporate training aimed at increasing the level of professionalism of employees for AZMOL is a tradition confirmed by the high operating performance of the enterprise.

The practice of continuous training of AZMOL employees has shown that through training, the professional qualities of the team improve and overall work efficiency increases.

"Everyone knows that modern challenges require modern solutions. Therefore, Azmol keeps up with the times, never losing the opportunity to develop. Training allows each employee to remain in any situation professionals representing Azmol’s interests," said AZMOL BP product manager Zhanna Lozhkina.

Annually leading specialists of Ukraine and international trainers conduct training for AZMOL employees. The topics are very diverse: time management, the ability to present the results of their work, attract new partners to cooperate, maintain professional relations with existing partners, and, of course, training aimed at improving the technical literacy of the entire AZMOL team.

“Knowledge, a modern approach, the ability to correctly interpret the experience gained - all this must be constantly improved,” says Ilya Kataev, technical consultant and mechanic at AZMOL.

“The technical aspects of the activities of AZMOL should be understood by absolutely every employee. We pay a lot of attention not only to management, but also to the technical literacy of the team. The list of AZMOL products is constantly growing, and thanks to timely training, all our colleagues know and, most importantly, understand how we produce a quality product, "added Ilya Kataev.

Only in December of this year, the leading Ukrainian coaches Victoria Mironova, the “Double Victory” agency, and Alexandra Sirosh, the “Personnel Technologies” agency, visited AZMOL. During the week-long training (from Friday to Friday), the AZMOL team studied, passed exams and consolidated the knowledge gained in practice.

For Alexandra Sirosh work to improve the skills of the AZMOL team has become a good tradition and has long turned into a warm, but professional friendship:

“When you conduct the training, you seem to live a short life with the participants, write your story. And in this life, there is its own information environment, which is still incomprehensible to people outside the training, its emotions, its events, its own special slang.

Events that cause tears in the eyes of an uncontrollable laugh, or events that make you seriously think about your potential and moving forward.

In any case, after all these striking events it is sad to realize that the end is coming and you have to leave. This is exactly what happened with us at the training “The presentation, which will be remembered” for specialists of AZMOL British Petrochemicals. It was warm, sincere, dynamic and informative on the one hand, and a little sad to realize that two days passed. I’m sure that after these two days we all became a little different.

Friends, I also learned a lot from you!

I already miss you. Thank you ALL! ", Alexandra Sirosh addressed to the AZMOL team.

The process of training, raising the level of qualifications of Azmol employees is continuous that means that only new knowledge and the conquest of new professional heights are ahead.