The delegation of the Canadian Embassy visited Azmol

10:32 | 02.12.2019

Within the framework of the Canadian project “Promis”, one of the directions of which is the development of the industrial tourism program in Berdyansk, a delegation from Canada visited AZMOL. Acquaintance with the legend of the city - AZMOL, impressed the guests so much that they promised to return and take part in a plant tour in the warm, summer season.

Industrial tourism isn’t new for AZMOL: only this year the factory conducted excursions for students, residents, guests and partners from Ukraine and abroad. In total, more than 1000 people visited the plant during the summer.

This time, Deputy Director of the International Development Department of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine Bronvin Krud came to get acquainted with the AZMOL plant, First Secretary - leading project expert of the International Development Department of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine Vlad Ionescu, and representatives of the city and regional administration as well.

The meeting with the plant was traditionally begun with an acquaintance with the rich history of the enterprise. Then guests were waited by a tour of the territory and industrial buildings of AZMOL. The most vivid impressions were caused by the presentation of the innovative physicochemical analysis centre AZMOL. The head of the laboratory of the enterprise Vita Tanasevich gave an exposure to the imminent opening of a unique laboratory for Ukraine:

«Our collaboration with British partners allowed us to completely modernize laboratory equipment. Very soon, an updated laboratory will open at AZMOL with the most advanced equipment, which will also conduct independent examinations for third-party companies», - said Vita Tanacevich.

The guests were also impressed by the history of the appearance of «Alleys of revival, development and friendship» on the territory of the AZMOL plant:

«You see that among the trees planted on our Alley, lindens prevail, and this is not a coincidence. Back in the 90’s, a lot of technical specialists from Germany and Great Britain worked at our plant. Of course, people ache of their homeland, and the main street of Berlin is all lined with lindens and is even called Unter den Linden, literally - under lindens. Therefore, German colleagues began to plant linden here, and we have already supported this tradition. Now we protect them, look after them and for now create a beautiful park. We learned to plant English lawns, we pay a lot of attention to landscape design. And, of course, we continue to plant trees with all our guests», - added Vita Tanasevich, the head of the laboratory of the enterprise.

At the end of the tour, Bronwyn Cruden, director of the international development department of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine and Vlad Ionescu, leading expert of projects at the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine international development department, according to the good tradition of AZMOL, also planted a tree in memory of a visit to one of Europe’s largest production plants of lubricants and various cutting fluids:

“We were very impressed with your factory. We'd like to return here in the summer, water our tree, take a walk along your alley. We will recommend visiting AZMOL to all our compatriots who will have the opportunity to come to Berdyansk”, - said the Canadian guests at the end of the meeting.