UkrLandFarming PLC recommends Azmol motor oils

10:32 | 28.11.2019

The flagship of the Ukrainian agricultural holding UkrLandFarming PLC now recommends three engine oils AZMOL British Petrochemicals juts at once. Testing procedures of Azmol oils in the agricultural sector lasted for almost two years. One of the participants in the Europe Trans Agro enterprise, which is part of the UkrLandFarming PLC group of companies. Europe Trans Agro specialists approved that AZMOL engine oils withstand service intervals under all operating conditions.

AZMOL British Petrochemicals has once again confirmed the quality of its product, proving that AZMOL Famula F 15w-40, AZMOL Famula M 15w-40, AZMOL Famula LD 10w-40 engine oils are a worthy replacement for expensive foreign analogs. With the beginning of the preparation of agricultural machinery for the 2018 season, Azmol specialists developed and implemented a performance monitoring program for the fleet of this sector. Over the course of two years, more than 20 farms and carriers took part in the program: from small companies to the flagships of the Ukrainian agricultural sector, and the total mileage of cars was over 600 thousand kilometers.

Also in April 2018, Europe Trans Agro, a member of the UkrLandFarming PLC group of companies, joined the program. At the first stage of cooperation, the most popular cars in the holding acted as participants in the program, including several units of KamAZ 45144 and MAN TGA 18.430 models using AZMOL Famula F 15w-40, AZMOL Famula M 15w-40, AZMOL Famula LD 10w- motor oils 40.

The result of the operational period showed that Azmol British Petrochemicals engine oils provided decent protection for the engines: the kinematic viscosity was consistently high throughout the entire period, and the stock of washing and neutralizing properties of the product was used up by no more than 30 percent.

Another leading Ukrainian company now recommends engine oils AZMOL Famula F 15w-40, AZMOL Famula M 15w-40, AZMOL Famula LD 10w-40 for use in their car fleets.

Thus, Azmol again experimentally demonstrated the European quality of its product, full compliance with the stated requirements and tolerances of equipment manufacturers.