11:29 | 30.03.2020

Representatives of the House of Culture "Neftekhimik", located next to the plant, appealed to the management of AZMOL BP with a request to create a playground in the park located between the plant and the house of culture. Given that the microdistrict in which the production facilities of the enterprise are located is called Azmol, the company management decided to support the initiative of students and employees of the House of Culture "Neftekhimik" and to build not only a playground, but also to fully ennoble the territory, turning it into a beautiful modern recreation center.
“In this place there used to be a monument to Lenin, it was surrounded by a small platform. This area has always been cleaned and ennobled by employees of the House of Culture "Neftekhimik" and AZMOL employees. After the demolition of the monument, we thought about what to build in a liberated place. The idea of ​​the playground was fully supported by all employees of the company. We have already allocated funds, created a project and are actively working in this direction, ”said Mikhail Tarasenko, Acting Director of AZMOL BP.
Contracting organizations, landscape design specialists were involved in the improvement of the recreation area and the construction of the site, and all expenses are borne exclusively by AZMOL BP.
“The management of our company decided to transform the empty square, and we have already begun to implement our ideas. There will be a playground and an alley with benches”, - says Vladimir Pivovarov.
“Even at the design stage, we took into account that there is a road and a transport ring nearby. To protect children, we will fence the site with a sufficiently high fence. Social responsibility is one of the core principles of AZMOL BP. We create the most comfortable working conditions for all residents of Berdyansk”, - said Vladimir Pivovarov.